Poya consists of several sensors integrated into a collar which monitor a dairy cow`s activity.

Incoming data and subsequently produced information are available for viewing in real time. Users of the Poya solution are notified in case of any deviation from normal values with an alarm signal via e-mail or dashboard notification. This way the farmer detects potential signs of illness or the “heat” time for his dairy cow easier and on time.

Precise data

Continuous monitoring of dairy cows’ activities is essential for precise data analysis. Precise data analysis provides farmers with accurate and detailed information, which enables them to react immediately when deviations occur.

Real time monitoring

Data feeding and information on the conditions of dairy cattle are available at any time. Prompt response to deviations is extremely important for the health of dairy cattle.

User-friendly solution

In the forefront of the Poya product is simplicity at its best. There`s no need for a/the farmer to have in-depth IT knowledge and skills in order to operate the product. Instead, the user-friendly solution enables the farmer to focus on his core business.

Expanded milk production

On-going monitoring enables farmers (or “the farmer”) to react to changes in cow conditions on time. Prompt response is important for dairy cattle health and keeping milk production steady or increased.

Early disease detection

Early notification of deviation from normal values spares farmer worries, time and resources, avoiding further development of diseases.

Accurate and efficient heat detection

An advanced integrated solution detects and notifies the breeder of the right time for dairy cow insemination.


Intuitive and easy-to-use

Each dairy cow is fitted with a collar, which includes a customized set of sensors.  Sensors continuously monitor dairy cow behaviour and activity.

Dairy cow data aggregation and analysis are performed at a central dedicated server. The server supports non-stop access via personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet to dairy cow behaviour data, continuous data update processes, as well as valuable information on dairy cows’ performance – a product of dairy cow data analysis.

The Poya system uses a specially designed web portal that enables access to the user database. Complete information is displayed on a customise dashboard, which is prepared for each dairy cow individually. The user receive dairy cow alarm notifications via email, text message or alarm in the application.


We are an innovative and vibrant technology company. Modern technology and advanced IT solutions are used to increase the life quality of dairy cows and their owners.  By relying on our technology, we continuously monitor cattle while placing the farmer and his herd in the spotlight of our business. With on-going monitoring we increase the well-being of the entire herd. Increased and improved milk production and farmer satisfaction are the leading benefits we bring into a farmer’s everyday life.


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